Peter Cales Solo Show – Update 3/20/12

My first solo fine art show is scheduled for September 6, 2012 at the Kent Bellows Studio and Center for the Arts. It’s a big deal to me on many levels. It’ll be the culmination of several years of work, research, learning, experiences and process. It’s also meaningful to me that it will be at KBS because of the history … Read more »

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Of Book Cases & Balloons

It’s been several weeks since I mustered the will to write anything. In my literary absence, I’ve been busy on lots of projects, including a fancy book case, a new series of balloons, blimps and other flight-inspired lathe-turned pieces, and hammering out designs for some exciting new projects that I’ll be sharing soon, including my first full dining set, and … Read more »

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More hot air for a cold night

It’s been a crazy week for Measure Cut Cut Studio. Last Friday, the entire Bemis Underground, including the wood shop, flooded. Everyone in the building turned their noses up at the threat of electrocution and worked to save a lot of artwork. Eventually firemen made us exit the building, but while standing outside the Bemis, watching gallon after gallon of … Read more »

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Some hot air for a cold night

I got a call a few weeks ago from Jessica at Birdhouse Interior Design. Over the sound of the generator and shop tools I heard her mention “sculpture” and “steampunk”. We chatted a bit and I said I’d take a shot at designing a sculptural piece inspired by the steampunk aesthetic/style for her client who lives in the Tip Top … Read more »

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