Chairs & Balloons, Wood and Paper

Last week, I finished cutting all the parts for 4 dining chairs I’m making. Here’s what 4 chairs look like before you put all the pieces together. Sure, I could have just showed you a tree, but that would have been snarky and overwrought. And I wouldn’t have had an excuse to tell you that each chair is made of around … Read more »

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My First Full Dining Set

Late last week I started working on what will be my first full dining set: a smallish, yet functional cherry and walnut-accented table and 4 chairs. The table is a pretty straightforward Parsons-style design, with a unique and fully functional (emphasis on the “fun”) hanging shelf that is mortised into the surface of the table top. The matching chairs are … Read more »

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“Transitions” table & Dana Damewood’s photos

I wanted to share some of the photos that Omaha-based photographer Dana Damewood took during the big blizzard we had in Omaha a few weeks ago. Right after Dana took these photos, I wrapped up the table, braved the blizzard and delivered it to my clients’ beautiful new home in Dundee. I love how Dana highlighted some of the more … Read more »

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Some current & pending projects

The snow, or something like it, is falling. I’m going to stay in the comfort of my house for a couple days and hope it melts quickly and we get a few more 70-degree days. A boy can dream, right? Either way, this seems as good an opportunity as any to share an update on the happenings at MeasureCutCut Studio. … Read more »

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Of Dining Tables & Web Designs

Almost exactly one year ago I took part in a little holiday group show at Julie Conway’s Illuminata Glass Studio. One of the artists I had the pleasure of getting to know a little better while hanging around the show was Andrew Hershey. Andrew balances making his own artwork along with his duties as the Bemis Center’s Media Director, and as … Read more »

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