The Bottomless Bookcase

So this is a fun little project I’m making for a client who is commissioning it as a Christmas gift. He asked for an affordable book case. I’m calling this the Measure Cut Cut Bottomless Book Case. Why’s it called that? Because it doesn’t technically have a bottom. The orientation and variety of shelves makes it so the piece can sit on any of its 4 sides. Do you have lots of oversized art books or vinyl records? Set it on its long side. Need a place to put all your Choose Your Own Adventure paperbacks and knick-knacks? Maybe set it on one of the shorter ends. This baby will mix and match to fit your space and use needs!

The drawing below is a sort of inspiration sketch for the final piece. The actual piece is slightly larger at 12″ deep x 30″ wide x 36″ long. My client chose the inlay design scheme on the right with the angular lines of color. (I’m hoping to make myself or someone else a version with the design on the left too, with the shooting star.)

A simple sketch for a fancy inlaid book case.

For the linear and angular design, I’ve inlaid thin strips of scrap walnut and yellow heart woods I was able to find recently, as well as strips from a piece of paduak I picked up last week (the orange colored wood). If you’re wondering, all the colors are naturally occurring; no stinky stains or paints were necessary to achieve any of the deep, rich tones.

Inlay Design for Side #1.
Inlay design for side #2

I finished the inlay on the last side today, so tomorrow starts my (least) favorite part: sanding. A little of this, a little of that and it’ll be ready to set under the tree. Or maybe next to  one way or another.

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