Of Dining Tables & Web Designs

Almost exactly one year ago I took part in a little holiday group show at Julie Conway’s Illuminata Glass Studio. One of the artists I had the pleasure of getting to know a little better while hanging around the show was Andrew Hershey. Andrew balances making his own artwork along with his duties as the Bemis Center’s Media Director, and as a freelance web designer.

Though I used to have a blog that functioned…okay, its functionality was one-dimensional, and I was extremely limited by how I could use it to present my work. The design lacked anything that branded it as something specific to me; there was no gallery; it was spam-central. So, okay. If I’m being honest, the blog was like amateur hour, and I needed something that could help me take Measure Cut Cut Studio to a new level. After a few discussions with Andrew, it was obvious that he understood what I wanted in a new site. He took my meager, sketchy idea and turned it into the bright, simple and straightforward representation of my work that I wanted. Hopefully that’s how you see it too.

As it It turns out Andrew and his partner Mark were also in the market for a new dining table, so it was a pretty good match. I contrasted walnut with accents of yellowheart and inlayed yellowheart and paduak stars to make a square-ish table. The legs attach to the apron with a fancy series of mortises and tenons. Here’s a detail shot from when it was still in my studio:

A small set of leaves completes the design, allowing the table to expand for dinner parties and such. Here’s to Andrew and Mark creating a lifetime of memories at their new table, and to me having a new website!

Cheers – Peter –

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