My First Full Dining Set

Late last week I started working on what will be my first full dining set: a smallish, yet functional cherry and walnut-accented table and 4 chairs. The table is a pretty straightforward Parsons-style design, with a unique and fully functional (emphasis on the “fun”) hanging shelf that is mortised into the surface of the table top.

The matching chairs are actually 2 different sets that relate both to each other and to the design of the table. One set is based on Figure 3 in the drawing below. I’m swapping walnut for cherry for the back slats, per my customers’ request. It’s a subtle change that I think will add a splash of modernity to an otherwise pretty traditional design.

The second set is will be 2 of the drawer chairs shown in Figure 4. This design is based on the second chair I ever made, and it’s a concept I’ve been itching to get back to for a few years now. It features a simple, subtle drawer that’s mounted under the seat. Fancy huh?

I’m off to the races with this set. I’ve constructed and started sanding the table top and have most of the other pieces cut and ready to go, so it will come together quickly.

I’ve learned my lesson from past experiences making multiple chairs. Even though there are 2 different designs, they all share basic dimensions, so I’m cutting and shaping all the pieces for them first to make for a more efficient assembly later.

I’m a full-service studio, so when I’m finished a little later this summer, I’ll pack everything up and road trip to Georgia to deliver everything right to my clients’ doorstep! I’m already putting my playlist together…

– Peter –

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