An Unfinished Story: Patrick’s & Amy’s Table

This evening I delivered my latest commission, a redwood and maple dining table, to my new friends Patrick and Amy. The modern design combines reclaimed redwood originally used in the casks of the former Falstaff Brewery with (mostly) reclaimed maple.

Besides being infused with the history of the local brewery, the redwood boasts a rich range of open and closed grains and light-ish brown to deep red-orange and dark brown tones.

The mostly even, blonde tone and subtle grain of the maple makes for a striking contrast. The design is completed by a series of tenons in three of the four corners that reach out of the tops of the legs through mortises, ending flush with the surface.

This was my first experience with redwood, which is difficult to find around these parts. It certainly won’t be my last, since I still have several substantial pieces, and am looking at picking up a few more. I might even have enough to make you something too… Maybe.

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3 Responses to “An Unfinished Story: Patrick’s & Amy’s Table”

  1. amy morin says:

    Peter that’s frickin’ sweet. Love the edges, love the plugs. “Edges.” Is that right? I love the “champfered awesomeness.” “Ogee curvature.” Something. Looks like I wouldn’t brain myself on the corners.

  2. Chris Myers says:

    extremely great…

  3. Bash says:

    Peter… amazing stuff as always. I love how you’re incorporating materials from interesting places around town.