An Altar

I’m back from a brief vacation with friends on coastal North Carolina. Tomorrow I’ll get started on two brand new commissions.

The first is a small altar for my client and former classmate, Andrea. An altar is not exactly a common piece of furniture. I doubt you’ll find anything like it at NFM or Ikea. So it’s the type of one-of-a-kind object I love to have a chance to make. I’m also honored to have been asked to make a piece that will fill such a central role in someone’s life. I’ve designed a few chairs for specific individuals. Doing so is like creating a tiny building for that person – something that is sort of an extension of their body. It seems that an altar might play a similar role for a person, though more metaphysically.

The project will also use all reclaimed wood and natural pigment, water-based milk paint. The color in the picture below is a little off; it’ll actually be a little greener and a little brighter, or so that’s the plan anyway.

Speaking of color, if you’ve been at any of the several events at CAMP lately (or just dropped in to hang out or do some work) you might have seen this massive tabletop I made for them. Like Andrea’s altar will be, it’s also colored with milk paint. The metal base was apparently leftover from the old Mastercraft Furniture company, so it was compelling that we got to repurpose something that had a connection to the old space. And in case you were wondering, that dude in the photo is Stevie “RDQLUS” Gordon, who I’d followed with some interest on Twitter for several months, but had never had a chance to meet until I stopped by to take this picture. Be sure to check out his RDQLUS portfolio of design work at RDQLUS Creative.

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