Weston and Ally’s Record Cabinet

When I’m commissioned to make a piece for a client, I try to tell a story in the design and finished product. There’s no better story than a love story, and that’s the story of Weston and Ally. I first met Weston when we were both working in the Bemis Center building in downtown Omaha several years ago. He was … Read more »

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More Recent Projects

Here’s a recap of some of the stuff – both large and small – I’ve been working on lately. KANEKO Desks: After making some very simple sandwich board style signs for Omaha’s KANEKO a couple months ago, they recently hired me to make several contemporary desks designed by their architect, Mark Mack. These desks are a compelling challenge to me … Read more »

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Fiyo from the Big O

Dora and I took a short vacation this past week to one of our favorite places: New Orleans, Louisiana. We’d both previously been to NOLA individually – me for a prior work conference about a year after Hurricane Katrina, and her with friends just a few weeks after we started dating. But last week was special because it was the … Read more »

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Big News! New Studio(s), New Schedule, New Ideas

I have a couple big Measure Cut Cut Studio news items to share. First, later this month and into April, I’ll be moving out of my studio at the Bemis Center and moving in with the fellas at Bench! Working out of the Bemis Center the past several years has been an amazing opportunity for me, but it’s time for … Read more »

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New Work: Aaron and Robin’s basement addition

I used to see white oak as the store-bought birthday cake of the wood world: it’s serviceable, widely available, but always leaves a little something to be desired in taste and design. Over the past couple years I’ve realized white oak is a beautiful, durable material. It takes stains well and develops beautiful patinas as hands and time pass over … Read more »

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Bowling Alley Bust-up

I’m a terrible bowler, and since I’m so competitive (I’ve probably never broken 125), I don’t roll much, on Shabbos or otherwise. But I’ve always loved the long maple butcher block lanes and the inlaid flying “V.” The bowling alley and all its machinations are ubiquitous with collegial social gatherings and simple beer drinking fun. My last time bowling was … Read more »

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Some Recent Work: Grain & Mortar

Here are some highlights from the custom work I’ve been doing over the past several months. Grain & Mortar kept me busy for quite a while with their office makeover and addition. Over the past few years, I’ve made several interior pieces for Grain & Mortar: an industrial conference table top with inlaid steel letters; several simple standing desks; and … Read more »

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Images from “Rememory”

My solo exhibition Rememory opened last Friday at the Kent Bellows Studio & Center for the Visual Arts in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a wonderful turnout and the space worked well with the pieces against a combination of high and low ceilings and unorthodox angles. The show is open until September 28. Here are images of a few of the … Read more »

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Save-the-Date – Peter Cales Solo show “Rememory”

For several months I’ve been balancing a heavy load of commissions, some part-time work helping a couple other artists grow their studio practices and slowly making work for what will be my first solo art show, Rememory. The work I’ve put together for Rememory is inspired by how we experience memories – their creation, impact and loss. For me, the … Read more »

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Solo Show Process Pic – May 22, 2012

I recently started experimenting with some 2-D art while working with my students at Kent Bellows Studio. Here’s the first block print I’ve attempted since college! I tend to stay within mediums I feel very confident and knowledgeable about, but I might try to incorporate some wood block prints similar to this into my show if I think they’re up … Read more »

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